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A luxury wedding in Sicily at Villa Tasca, Palermo

The timeless charm of Palermo provided the backdrop for a fairytale wedding, uniting two young English hearts on an unforgettable day. Oscar and Tiffany chose Villa Tasca in Palermo, an ancient and prestigious residence, as the location for their big day, resulting in a wedding that captured the imagination of all present.

The Enchanting Villa Tasca

Villa Tasca, a historic residence surrounded by the lush greenery of its enchanting gardens, provided the perfect setting for Oscar and Tiffany's wedding. This charming estate boasts a rich history and timeless beauty, offering the perfect backdrop for a romantic and elegant ceremony.

A Richly Decorated Setting

The event was made extraordinary by a stunning setup, transforming Villa Tasca into a place of enchantment. The team from "Intrecci Fiore d'Arte" created a floral arrangement of rare beauty, turning the villa's spaces into a world of colors and scents. Every corner of the mansion was adorned with fresh flowers that had the power to capture the attention and admiration of all the guests.

The Steady Hand of the International Wedding Planner

Everything was orchestrated flawlessly thanks to the extraordinary skill of Simona Parisi, an internationally renowned wedding planner known for her dedication and attention to detail. Simona Parisi, from Brilliant Wedding, masterfully coordinated the entire event, ensuring that every aspect was perfect and that the couple's wishes were fulfilled.

A Day of Joy and Love

The wedding day was an explosion of joy and love. Oscar and Tiffany chose to celebrate their union with an emotional ceremony, surrounded by the affection of their loved ones. The couple chose to wear elegant attire that reflected their unique personalities and style, making their day even more special.

A Charming Reception

The reception that followed the ceremony was equally enchanting. The minimal chic setup created an atmosphere of refined elegance. Candlelit lighting added a touch of romance, while flowers, alternating between white roses and orchids, brought to life a tableau of beauty and serenity. Every detail was meticulously arranged, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance that made the reception a truly memorable moment. Guests enjoyed a delicious dinner, danced under the stars, and shared moments of joy and happiness with the newlyweds, creating indelible memories of this extraordinary day.


Oscar and Tiffany's wedding at Villa Tasca was an unforgettable experience for all in attendance. The combination of the breathtaking location, extraordinary floral arrangements, and impeccable planning made this day truly magical. It was a celebration of love, art, and beauty, and it will remain in the hearts of all who had the privilege of participating in this extraordinary celebration. May their life together be filled with happiness and love, just like their special day at Villa Tasca.

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