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A wedding at Villa Pizzo on Lake Como, Italy

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Lake Como, with its sparkling waters and picturesque villas adorning its shores, has always been an ideal backdrop for dream weddings. And if there's a couple who truly embraced the magic of this place, it was Sabine and Pierre, an intercontinental couple consisting of a Swiss bride and an American groom. Their love story reached its pinnacle with an enchanting wedding held at the stunning Villa Pizzo, one of Lake Como's most captivating venues.

Villa Pizzo, Lago di Como
Villa Pizzo, Lago di Como

Located in the village of Cernobbio, just a 10-minute drive from the city of Como, Villa Pizzo is a fascinating private villa of extraordinary beauty with the longest lakefront stretching towards the town of Moltrasio. Villa Pizzo is one of the most appreciated Lake Como wedding venues.

The bride and groom got ready at different locations and then reached Villa Pizzo via typical wooden "riva" speedboats. The bride had a dress tailored for her by vera wang and jimmy choo shoes

Before the Ceremony: The Heartwarming "First Look"

The day began with palpable excitement as Sabine and Pierre prepared separately, immersed in their anticipation. She, in her elegant wedding gown, exuded Swiss grace and beauty, while he, the kind-hearted American, was visibly thrilled at the prospect of seeing his future wife. But before the ceremony, they decided to reveal themselves to each other in a "first look" that melted the hearts of all the guests.

The moment Pierre turned to see Sabine in her wedding dress for the first time was a mix of emotion and awe. Their happy expressions and loving glances perfectly captured the essence of sincere and deep love.

The Dream Ceremony at Villa Pizzo

The ceremony took place in the luxurious gardens of Villa Pizzo, with Lake Como as a breathtaking backdrop. A stunning panorama that added a touch of magic to the special day. Guests gathered in an atmosphere of pure elegance as the couple exchanged their vows of eternal love.

Sabine and Pierre paid homage to their respective cultures during the ceremony, creating a unique bond between Switzerland and America. They shared traditions, customs, and different languages, proving that love knows no geographic boundaries.

Sparkling Reception and Fireworks

After the ceremony, guests were treated to a fairytale reception inside the villa. The sweetheart table was adorned with fresh flowers and scented candles, creating a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

But the biggest surprise was yet to come. As the sun set over Lake Como, the sky lit up with spectacular fireworks. A magical moment that made Sabine and Pierre's wedding even more unforgettable. Guests applauded and were moved as the sky filled with vibrant and shimmering colors.

Love Without Borders

Sabine and Pierre's wedding was a celebration of love without borders. Two people from different cultures joined their lives in one of the most romantic settings in the world, creating an indelible memory for themselves and all the guests present.

Lake Como provided the perfect backdrop for this extraordinary love story, making Sabine and Pierre's wedding day unforgettable for all those fortunate enough to attend. It brings together people, cultures, and beauty in one magical place.


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