Jess and Rich are a wonderful English couple that have decided to get married in Sicily, at Castello Xirumi, in the Syracuse area. Despite the adverse weather condition we had , this is an example of a successful event thanks to the extraordinary job and professionalism of the chosen suppliers.

That’s why I decided to interview their wedding planner Marica Coniglio.

G: Let’s get to know each other, what’s your name and what do you do?

M: My name is Marica and I am a destination wedding planner and owner at Marica Events.

G: Tell me the thing you like best about your job and the thing you like least.

M: What I love the most is seeing people in love, feeling the couple love for each other , seeing their emotion in their eyes. Love makes my work easier.  The hardest part and definitely the one I don’t like at all is working with slow and unprofessional suppliers; it makes my life even harder.

G: Describe your ideal couple

M: I don’t have an ideal couple as each person I have met so far is different and amazing at the same time. I definitely love respectful people and if the couple is a fun one , everything becomes funnier 😁

G: What’s ideally the best wedding to organise for you?

M: Same thing here, it’s hard to say. Ideally I like to  emphasise the beauty of Sicily if the wedding takes place here. I love originality and not always the same things . I like offering and organising different things at each wedding starting from floral design to entertainment and having different venues to work with.

G: Let’s talk about Jessica and Richard, how did you get along with them?

M: Jessica and Richard are amazing and working with them has been one of the most beautiful experience of my life. Kind people, funny , simple, travellers and completely in love with each other. All the wedding process has been an unforgettable journey! 

G: What does it mean to organize a wedding in a location like Xirumi castle?

M: Xirumi castle is one of the venue that makes me proud to be Sicilian! We all know it’s a beautiful place but what makes the difference is the work force in there. Starting from the manager , Anna , whom is incredibly professional and never stops. It means having full support and availability each step of the organisation. 

G: Usually the wedding planner has a love-hate relationship with the catering, to whom did you entrust the catering in this event and how did you find yourself with them?

M: I have the privilege to work just with suppliers I trust and I love so there is no hate at all. The catering chosen is definitely the best in Sicily : Squiseating . Working with them is an absolute pleasure all the time. Emanuela is a super professional woman I always deal for all the organisational aspects. Domenico, was the chefs in charge during the events. They have created an exceptional brand and their level it always exceed my clients (and mine) expectations. Jessica and Richards wedding was the hardest of the season as we had an horrible storm that even destroyed our plan B. Thanks to Squiseating and Castello Xirumi this event turned into the funniest of the season for sure! 

G: How do you manage the setup? From tables to flowers, do you rely on someone in particular (floral design, fitters, etc)?

M: I don’t touch flowers… I am a planner not a designer! I work with the most trusted suppliers and we always start with the creation of the mood of the wedding months before . On the wedding day they know every single detail of what they have to do. For this wedding we had the super talented floral designer Giovanni Brancato from Atmosphere in Palermo. One of the kindest soul in the market.

G: What is the thing you are most satisfied with this wedding?

M: As I said we had the worse weather I have ever seen in my life. We had water everywhere, our guest could not reach the venue , water inside the Castle and plan b completely destroyed. The marquee was floating and a river of water wouldn’t let our guest walk into the venue. As we had the most incredible party people they did not care about anything so removed their shoes and walked with their dresses up to their knees to get inside. I had to fit 180 people into the smallest and cutest room for the ceremony… the result was so amazing that even if planned couldn’t have been better than this.

G: Do you have a phrase or a maxim that helps you in your work and that you want to share with us?

M: Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile

G: Thank you Marica, see you at the next wedding!

M: Thank you Gianmarco, I’ll see you very soon!

Location: Castello Xirumi

Catering: Squeasiting

Flower: Atmosphere

Wedding planner: Marica events

Look maker: Sonia Sangiorgio wedding look maker

Photographer: Gianmarco Vetrano

Cinematographer: VetranoStudio+Freeday